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Llangloffan - Red Farmhouse Cheese

A farmhouse style cheese with a naturally developed rind. Llangloffan was the original artisan cheese created in West Wales by Leon Downey at his farm in Pembrokeshire in the 1970’s. This tradition is carried on today by Carmarthenshire Cheese who continue its manufacture after Leon’s retirement using his original recipes.

Llangloffan - Red Farmhouse Cheese

The Taste

Firm and yet smooth in texture but with slight crumbliness when young. Fresh lactic flavours and slight citrous notes combined with creaminess when young developing into more robust flavours as the cheese matures.

Recipe Suggestion

The ideal cheese for the ploughmans platter! – crusty bread and celery and a flavour some beer compliment this ideally.

Grate over pasta or use to create a delicious cheese sauce. Great as your hard cheese selection on your cheeseboard.
Complementary Products

Other soft or creamy cheeses, smoked meats, olives, fresh salad and ripe seasonal fruits such as British apples or pears 

Alternative Deli Products

Try this as an alternative to other hard farmhouse or traditional style cheeses or to add regional interest to your cheeseboard, Llangloffan is available in plain white, red, Garlic & Chive, Smoked and the new Blue varieties

Interesting Fact

Re-introduced in the summer of 2006 when Leon Downey handed down the original recipe and endorsed the first production. Llangloffan remains a favourite cheese in West Wales and its reputation for quality and consistency is now recognized across the trade throughout the UK

Label Information Llangloffan - Red Farmhouse Cheese

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